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China is finally going to be ticked off your ‘bucket list’ because you planned and saved for your dream hoiday to this glorious Asian nation! That’s marvellous! But where will you stay, and for how long? Are you planning to remain in the capital, Beijing, or tour the country a little? These are all important questions you must address before you book tickets and make a reservation for accommodations. This list offers you some of China’s finest hotels, we would even say the best! But everyone defines ‘best’ a little differently: do you mean most luxurious, or most authentic, or both? We have a little of everything on this list — from top of the line places that will indulge your every whim to more practical spots that won’t break the bank. Either way, there is a place on this list that is just right for you, whether it’s your first time in China or your fifth. Think carefully about what’s important to you — shopping? museums? historical sights?– and go from there!

The Grand Central Hotel, Shanghai: This beautiful hotel gets five stars from almost every guest who has ever stayed there, so if you rely on others to steer your choice, you can’t go wrong with this one. It has all the usual amenities (non-smoking rooms; bars and restaurants) but it also has a pool. And it’s close to the People’s Square, and Nanjing Road, a retail hunter’s paradise. So if you want to be in the thick of shopping paradise, consider this spot.




Puli Hotel & Spa ShanghaiThe Puli Hotel & Spa, Shanghai: This is a dream spot if you’re in need of a little pampering at the end of your day. Every kind of spa service imaginable is available — massage, mani-pedi, and much more — along with beautifully appointed rooms. You’ll never be more than 30 minutes’ walk from all the big sights, like the Jade Buddha Temple, Oriental Pearl Tower, the former ‘French Connection’ district, and much more. There are also bars, restaurants, 24/7 front desk and valet parking, so if being spoilt is your idea of holiday-heaven, go for it!



Four Seasons Hotel Pudong ShanghaiThe Four Seasons Shanghai at Pudong, Shanghai: The very name screams luxury, does it not? And this hotel does not disappoint! In addition to beautiful rooms it has a 24/7 fitness centre, a full-service spa, and even in-room child care! That means you and your spouse can hit the town for an evening out while the kids are safely tucked in their room, supervised. The hotel also offers a train station pickup service, and is close to Yu Garden, the Pudong Riverside Promenade and Park, and many other key Shanghai sights. Go ahead…spoil yourself!



The Ritz Carlton, Hong KongRitz Carlton - Shanghai: We know things are a little delicate in Hong Kong right now, but it is a spectacular city in a spectacular country and this hotel deserves inclusion on any “best of” list. The Ritz is famous for its luxury and amazing services, and this is a prime example of why. It has everything: fabulous places to eat and drink, full spa services; limo services; and so much more. Great hotels last as politic issues come and go, and this one has endured throughout many years. If you want to truly indulge yourself, spend at least one night here and see how the lucky ones live it up! (If you prefer to stay out of Hong Kong for the moment, consider the Four Seasons in Beijing. It’s on par with this luxury chain.)



The Opposite House, Beijing: This hotel was built during the frenzy for the Beijing Olympics (2008) and has since survived and thrived. It’s funky and hip, and lots of celebrities hang out here so you’re sure to catch a glimpse. Because it’s particularly well known for amazing nightly entertainment, perhaps this is the place to go if you’re flying solo, not family style. This spot has 20 private swimming pools in its suites, so live it up!




Cole Cour, Beijing: At one time is courtyard hotel was a school house, but of course it has been fully renovated, most recently in 2016, suit its current needs. It has been designed with personal attentiveness to guests as the number one priority, and is a boutique hotel with big appeal to millennials. The garden courtyard is a lovely, peaceful place to sit and relax and grab a bite to eat. If you prefer smaller hotels that are not part of a chain, this is the place to consider.


The Rosewood Hotel, BeijingRosewood Hotel - Beijing: This hotel, with its spectacularly-designed lobby, screams luxury from the word go. All the suites have been uniquely tailored for different tastes, and they are all, without exception, stellar. Unlike many hotels where the food outlets are so-so at best, the Rosewood has a French bistro that attracts visitors and locals alike.



Hotel Eclat, BeijingEclat Hotel - Beijing: Many consider this one of Beijing’s best because it offers suites with private pools and terraces. But a beautiful room can be had for well under $200 (USD), so check availability and dates before you dismiss it as too posh. It’s close to the subway and the Silk Market shopping district, and has a great restaurant and cocktail bar. Like most of Beijing’s hotel professionals, the staff is fluent in English, so no worries about easy communication. One caveat, however: beautiful sculptures abound, so be sure the kids don’t get boisterous and bump into them!





Emperor Tiananmen Beijing, Beijing: If you’re more concerned with budget-friendly accommodations than top of the line luxury, this is the spot for you. This hotel has a pool and is close to shopping venues, and although the rooms are basic, they are clean and the staff is very friendly. This is the place to stay if you want to spend more going out, eating, shopping and sightseeing than a small fortune on your room.




Sicily Hotel - BiejingBeijing Sicily Hotel, Beijing: This is another cost-conscious place to stay. It’s very basic, but like the Emperor, it’s clean and the staff is helpful and tries their best to understand and fulfil your requests. If you don’t mind struggling a bit to be understood, consider this hotel. Make translations an adventure!

These are just some of the wonderful hotels on offer in Beijing; there are plenty more, so keep researching and you’ll discover them. There are even hostels in Beijing for younger adventurers, so check those out, too, if that’s the way you prefer to travel. There is the Lab Hostel, and the Happy Dragon Backpackers Hostel, which received a review of “fabulous!” online from one satisfied patron.

Beijing has every kind of accommodation known to man, from flat out luxury to “just a bed, please” available, and what you choose depends entirely on the type of traveller you are. Happy hunting, and don’t forget: make the most of your visit to this truly glorious city in the Far East!

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