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Chinese Tourist Visa - Do I need one?

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Chinese visa for uk passport holdersChina has a wealth of Art, history and culture to delight all travellers. Whether you wish to visit the remote regions of Chengdu, the beating heart of China's capital Beijing or other cities such as Shanghai and Hong Kong, we will help you to apply for your Chinese tourist visa. When you're ready to apply for your Chinese tourist visa, place an order here to get started.

How do I apply for a Chinese tourist visa? As with most beuraucratic processes, the key is in the detail and with our visa agents vast experience in this field we will be sure to help you successfully apply for a Chinese tourist visa.

We help customers apply for their Chinese tourist visa in almost all countries around the world but the information we provide on this page is specifically aimed at customers needing a Chinese visa from the UK (regardless of your nationality).

How long is a Chinese tourist visa valid for? This depends on your nationality and, of course, is at the complete discretion of the Chinese embassy but typically tourist visas will be valid for two years and permit mutliple entries.

How much does a Chinese tourist visa cost? Prices vary depending on your nationality and the speed of processing. UK Passport holders requiring a standard tourist visa on a standard service turn-around time currently cost £210.40. This includes our support service at £49.50 and the official processing fees at £151.00.

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Here is the visa type description field.

Double Entrycovers 1 person for 2 entries and 2 exits within a 30 day period

Double Entrycovers 1 person for 2 entries and 2 exits within a 90 day period

Note:Durations shown are a guideline and begin from the date you apply for your visa.

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